Bone broth.
Delicious, Organic, Collagen-Rich

Drink our true organic bone broths pure, as a cure or added to your dishes (soups, sauces, risottos, smoothies, hummus, etc.) to gain intense and natural flavor.

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With TrueBrodo, flavour returns to the kitchen and the body reclaims strength. Discover how bone broth quality relates to collagen content.

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The TrueBrodo soup power cure will reinstate your natural power. Your intestine will celebrate it with you :)

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Whip up a delicious and healthy meal in no time: your TrueBrodo light power soup is ready in just 6 minutes - including plenty of protein, collagen and omega-3 fatty acids.

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FAQ – What I need to know about bone broth

How is TrueBrodo bone broth being produced?

TrueBrodo are hand-cooked power broths made in Switzerland from Swiss certified organic raw materials (Bio Knospe).

In addition to collagen and essential omega-3 fatty acids, the long boiling process extracts valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium from the bones. To achieve the highest possible collagen content, we use 320g of organic beef bones or 300g of organic chicken bones, when calculated per glass of bone broth (380ml).

May I dilute TrueBrodo bone broths?

You may use TrueBrodo well diluted for cooking. When making a soup, you may want to add something between half and a whole TrueBrodo glass of water.

When doing the TrueBrodo cure, we recommend to drink the bone broth undiluted or only slightly diluted. This gets as much collagen as possible into your body for your intestinal health.

What's the nature of Truebrodo bone broth's change in consistency?

TrueBrodo bone broth is rich in high quality gelatin from the collagen, which is semi-solid when cold. Once warm or at room temperature, the gelatin becomes liquid.

Why is there an difference in every jar of bone broth?

Deshalb kann das Produkt in der Farbe, der Konsistenz und dem Geschmack leichte Unterschiede aufweisen.
TrueBrodo is not an industrial product. It's handmade! This is the reason the product may have slight differences in color, consistency and taste.