Organic bone broth tasting box

Organic bone broth tasting box biosuisse_knospe

Six jars of TrueBrodo bone broth: 2 beef, 2 chicken, 1 Vitali-Qi, 1 Roasted Beef.

CHF 79.00

6x 380ml

Reasons why TrueBrodo bone broth is good for you.

  • protects the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces inflammation, supports healing and
  • maintains barrier function
  • promotes repair of connective tissue, cartilage, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones
  • supports the growth and structure of the skin
  • supports the growth of hair and nails
  • promotes sleep
  • promotes the production of glutathione, the most important antioxidant of the body
  • strengthens the immune system by balancing of intestinal bacteria

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