The True Brodo 12 day cure

To prepare a daily amount, cook 2 jars of True Brodo with your favorite vegetables, meat or fish on a low level with the lid closed. For longer cooking time you can add 1-3 dl of water. Use to sear healthy fats (butter / ghee, olive oil or coconut oil). In the end, season the food to your taste with a salt without decolorizing agent.

Best possible results with the 12-day cure

A lighter version for breakfast, True Brodo is either just warmed up or refined with egg (see recipe breakfast broth). Before you eat True Brodo for breakfast, start the day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice. In the meantime, to achieve the best possible effect of the True Brodo cure, do without cereals, dairy products and finished products. If you feel hungry like a predator, basmati rice and rice noodles are an acceptable supplement.

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